Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello is there anyone out there???

OK where the hell has everyone gone?
Belfast over the last few months has been getting slowly quieter.

I know the first few months of the year are always a bit slow but this just ain't funny know more.

I cant believe I'm about to say this but has the credit crunch really taken hold so badly that know one is leaving the homes anymore.

Saturday night was the quietest i have ever worked since i started driving a cab a few select bars where busy but most where dead, i picked several staff sent home early as they where not needed.

I know times are tight they are for most of us but i really didn't think thing where as bad as this, every week i tell myself that this week is when it will start to pick up just too end up disappointing myself.

I suppose there wont be a pick realistically until St Patricks day.

Still enough moaning because while moaning is something every good cabby can do for hours on any subject it don't help.
But it does make you feel better
:) btd:)

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