Friday, February 05, 2010

So very very tired

I cant sleep!

I cant sleep at night anymore and its driving me round the bend.

Now i know that falling asleep when working nights ain't a good thing but to be truthful it does happen mostly about 4 to 5 am when things are at a bit of a lull its not unknown for a driver to grab some shut eye.

But my problem is much more simple i cant sleep at night when i am off work even if i have stayed awake right through the previous night so i am up 36 to 40 hours.
Then of course i spend the majority of my day off dozing every half hour or so.

This is a recent dilemma as up until about 6 months ago i could drift off to the land of nod pretty much at will.
Lately i will be tired but not sleepy with mean i ether sit downstairs on my lonesome bored stupid, cos lets face it late night TV isn't known for it quality or reading in bed keeping my beloved Mrstaxidriver awake making grumpy as well.

Suppose i will have figure something out, anyone who's had similar problems i am open to advice!

Night Night

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