Sunday, February 07, 2010

Trip to Wolfes

On Friday evening myself, Mrstaxidriver and Jr went to Wolfes gourmet burgers on the old
Dundonald rd almost opposite the ice bowl beside the omniplex cinema.

I had lifted a few customers from here in the cab and had heard good reports each time.
Now when i go out to eat i would not normally go out for a burger but tonight was Jr's choice i think he spotted it on one of his trips to the cinema!

i had to work that night so we arrived about 5.30 and the restaurant was still fairly quiet but any night i have picked up here its been crawling with punters.

We where seated quickly ordered drinks and where left to peruse the menu, The menu was very short on starters with only two on offer chicken strips or mushrooms being your only choices.
This was the opposite of there burger selection which was massive with 18 different beef burgers,18 chicken burgers and various lamb and vegetarian burgers on offer so it took a while to choose.

I when for the Parisian (brie,bacon and caramelized onion), Mrstaxidriver had the Ringo (mozzarella,cheddar and fried onion rings) and Jr plopped for a chicken burger and skinny frys.

Jr really liked his chicken burger and chips and was silent for at least 20 minutes which is a long time for such a chatterbox but a sure sign that hes enjoy what he eating.

Mrstaxidriver like her choice but after tasting mine wished she had been more adventurous and mine was without a doubt the GREATEST CHEESE BURGER I HAVE EVER TASTED it was absolutely delicious and left me wanting another one, the chunky chips where also good.

Mrstaxidriver and the wee lad decided to have a desert and went for the hot chocolate with ice cream,i skipped desert as had i eaten more i would never make it out to work.

The dessert was perhaps the one disappointment it consisted of a chocolate muffin shoved in the microwave and served with some ice cream not worth the £4.50 they where charging.

So all in not a bad meal i would return but probably just for the main course.



  1. I didn't know about Wolfe's; must try it some time. Know if it's a local set-up or a chain?


  2. Yes it is part of a local chain, the first was in Carrickfergus. The blue Chicago Grill opposite is owned by same people.


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