Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Radio Blah Blah!

I have been thinking about investing in a D.A.B radio for my taxi.
Hopefully this would provide me with a greater range of stations and help with the boredom.

I am just about sick to death with the local stations we receive such as Cool Fm, Citybeat and Downtown radio as these stations play the same music again and again on what seems an endless loop and it not always the best music to boot!

I mean on a Saturday night there is only so much 80s and Abba one man can take without losing the will to live.

National stations on Fm can be just as bad at night transforming from playing a good mix of music to there specialist programs like Tim Westwood a 50 year old white man acting like a 13 year old black kid.

Despite my whining i like most music from gospel to metal although i do draw the line at country and irish, (not country like Johnny Cash and Dollly Parton or traditional Irish music which can be quite beautiful but country and irish = Daniel O'Donnell and Hugo Duncan)

As i continue to work nights i find i am tending to listen more and more to talk radio like 5 Live i find them much easier on the ear as i head into hour number 11 an shift, i really enjoy Up all night which starts at 1am as it has movie reviews and football phone ins and other taxi drivers!!
The Gabby Cabby

So what do you think Is it worth me spending the money to get myself a D.A.B Radio?



  1. Best check the DAB coverage/station page to see what you'd actually receive. With the UK National Multiplex not operating in Northern Ireland, there's only the BBC stations and a local commercial multiplex.

    May not be hugely different to what you can already receive!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, i might be better taking the wifes freeview out of her cab instead! Wonder if she would notice?


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