Monday, February 08, 2010

Top ten pubs in Belfast

This list is the top ten Belfast Pubs as dropped of by Belfasttaxi
Theres no accounting for taste!!

1 Lavery's (would love to know why its so popular again.)

2 The Botanic Inn (ever popular student haunt)

3 The Duke of York

4 The John Hewitt

5 The Cloth ear

6 Murials (not sure if strictly a pub but what the hell)

7 The Spanaird

8 The kitchen bar (handy dropping point for Victoria Sq)

9 McHugh'S

10 Whites Tavern



  1. Why Lavs? Well, it's laidback, spacious without being cavernous. Has a good atmosphere. The booze is reasonably priced. It's got a variety of inoffensive music in its various rooms. The pool room is snazzy and well organised. The smoking areas are expansive, with heaters and seats. It's unpretentious without being too grotty. It's predictable without being ridiculously boring. It's got a bit of a mix of ages although mostly centered around studenty. I can easily see why it's liked.


  2. Lavery,s is a great bar and get why folks like it. But the number of people going there in my cab is up between 200% to 300%. Im glad to see it but dont know why its took off again so suddenly.


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