Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First formal of the year!

I had for gotten about school formals and just how drunk they get.

Well i picked up my first formal patrons of the season outside Mono in Belfast where they had just finished there after formal party.

The evening dress suits worn by the fellas did its usual trick off making lads in there late teens look about 12 years old, where as the gowns and make up worn by the girls made them look in there early 20s.
This makes it look so wrong when they kiss kinda looks like a teenage girl eating the face off her prepubescent younger brother (enough to make u cringe).

I picked up three you ladies who must be said looked a little worse for where but mostly intact.

They where friendly bunch talking about their night still on a buzz from the amazing time they had or possibly the alcohol who am i to judge?

They tried the normal game of lets embarrass the Taxi driver! a game which i have plenty of practice at and rarely lose.
Then one of them who was only slurring her words a little got a phone call and started to argue with the person on the other end as to who owned what she insisted was her beaver!

I try not to pay much but can only assume that she ether got one as a pet and someone is trying to blackmail her for access or she sponsors one in the wild somewhere and the mystery person has stolen the adoption certificate.

After a few minutes negotiation the person on the side of the phone gave up and they all went back to yelling out the windows to anyone who would listen
Although they got quite quiet and a smidge more dignified as we arrived at their house!


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