Sunday, February 28, 2010

Belfast Eats out?

From time to time i am asked to recommend somewhere to eat,normally by someone visiting our fair city.

This is a problem for me because while i love to go out to eat i wouldnt normally venture into the city centre. (i see enough of the place as it is).

So i was wondering where would you guys recommend?

There are places i pick up from regularly and get to hear about the food and the service but of course there are plenty of restaurant's i never hear about.

Depending on what kind of restaurant i am asked about some of the places i would normally direct folks too are.

Ginger on Hope St, i have lifted punters from here for a few years and only ever heard one complaint which was from an American who was unhappy they were not serving steak.

The Mourne Seafood Bar, Once again picked up here alot and not heard more than an odd whinge normally about something petty, plus i have tasted there food (seafood chowder) which was fantastic.

Macau on the Ormeau Rd would be the Chinese i would sent folks to early in the evening, or later the Dragon Rendezvous later on in the evening.

So if you where asked where would you recommend?



  1. I seldom eat in town; but I like Alden's in the City, Callender St.

    Beatrice Kennedy's, University Rd, formal dining.

    Molly's Yard is worth a try, beside Duke's.

    They say Tedford's is very good. I've eaten there once, about 3 years ago and it was good.

  2. I often check out (and post reviews on) the local recommendation site

    Deanes at Queens (the old QUB staff common room bar opposite Methody) is nice, as is The Barking Dog on the Malone Road.

  3. Mourne Seafood Bar! I love it there! Also Tedfords. Gingeroot for the best Indian!


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