Monday, February 01, 2010

Its been a while

Hello again,

I know i ain't posted for while now, but i have been kept busy and truth be told i ether didn't have time or just plain forgot.

So i am going to make a bit of an effort!

I am still trying to get back to full health after last years skin falling of thing the fall out of which is i have gained a lot of weight ( i was already very big to start with) and my asthma is now much worse probably due to lack of exercise which i have trouble doing due to swollen leg and being very fat now over 30 stone weight!

So i guess its time i started to diet and tried to get in shape as i cant put up with things the way they are, i will keep you all updated.

Mrstaxidriver is no longer working as she was involved in a R.T.A and is still suffering with pains from the accident.

But apart from all that thing are fine!! lol


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