Monday, February 14, 2011

Back Seat Drivers

If I have one pet hate its back seat drivers.

Oh OK i hate many pet hates but back seat drivers are one of my pet pet hates if there is such a thing.

Take Mrs keen for example lovely old dear, i have been picking her up at least twice a week ever since i started taxiing almost 7 years ago!

To this day gives me turn by turn directions, which doesn't sound so bad until you know that the only time she uses taxis is to take her to work and back!

I could forgive her if she was doting a little (she is well into her seventies) but she is as sharp as a tack!

Back seat driving seems to be a real habit here in Belfast at least a couple of fare a night will shout out directions even after i assure them i know where there destination is.

My personal fave is the prats who shout out to take the next corner despite the fact they already seen me start to indicate a good ten seconds earlier.

I mean what the hell do they think the flashy light on the side of the car is for?

I guess what brought this to a head was a job i picked up a few nights back from the corner of High Street just past the Ulster Sports Club.

They where a group of three ladies all about 50ish, one of which was a lady called Sarah who i know.

They where all heading back to Sarah's house.

After the first few turns Sarah started with the directions.

"Sarah why are you giving me directions" I asked. 

"So you know where to take me" she replied

"But I know where you live you dozy bint, because it the house next to mine!!"


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