Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ladies Choice

Last night Jr was staying at his Grandads which left me and the misses with the rarest of occasions a free night!

Sp it was decided fairly early on that instead of our normal trip to the cinema that we would go out for a meal.

All well and good so far, but although she had decided that we should go for a meal Mrs.belfasttaxi had not got a clue as to where we should go.

I tried to suggest a few places from Ginger in hope St to the Point out in Ballyhackamore.

None of which where as she put it what she fancied!

"I know the prefect place" she informed me after coming in form leaving the wee man round.

"Where" i asked.

"You will see when we get there" i was told.

So I left it at that as my wife has pretty good taste.

So where did we end up, huh?

Feckin Pizza Hut 

Apparently she wanted somewhere she could just relax and chill out.

Words fail me, next time i am friggin choosing.


  1. Pizza Hut? My wife never let's me off that easy.

    I love the fact that they use red onion though.

  2. What the fuck is that yelling and screaming about or am I the only one who hears it ?

  3. Jd - Pizza hut i would rather have stayed in the house

    Anon - Yes,yes you are. Seek help while you still can, just because your paranoid doesn't mean there not out to get you!


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