Saturday, February 12, 2011


Valentines Day, 

I am against it on the whole

The sickly sweet lovey dovey cards

The massive boxes of chocolates that it would take an army a month to eat.

The standard big cuddle toy.

The hyper inflated prices for flowers.

The hyper hyper inflated prices of roses.

The supposedly intimate meal for two in restaurants that will be packed to the gills.
It just all seems so false and shallow don't you think? 

So what will i be doing for valentines this year i hear you ask?

Well I will be getting Mrs.Belfasttaxi a card and a box of chocolates hell I may even get her some flowers, if I can afford it I may even get bloody roses!


Because it makes her happy and in the end that's what matters i suppose.


Talk to the cabby??

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