Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sometimes i think the phone monkeys save the arseholes just for me.

Last job tonight was picking up in Martinez Ave and was meant to be going to the Saintfield Rd.

Simple enough you would think ,yeah well so did i!

I arrived at * Martinez Ave and put through callback then sat back to wait on my punter coming out.

After nearly 10 minutes i was just about to put the call down as a no-job when a skinny fella in his 30s ran out to the car.

"He will be out in a minute mate he's just saying goodbye to everyone" he said.

So i waited some more, about 5 minutes later he finally dragged arse out to the cab.

When asked where he wanted to go he mumbled "jusst u heed for Carrydufff alright".

OK he didn't sound the happiest and all 6'6" of him slouched like a moody teenager across the back seat.
We had made it about half way the Carryduff when he asked me to pull over.

He wanted to make a phone call and might need to go back into town.

It became quickly clear that we would be heading back,

Of course he didn't know where he wanted to go to because although who ever was on the phone with him was inviting him to a party, but he couldn't get the address out of them!

Finally after i was handed the phone i worked out i was to take him to Greystown Ave.

It took about 8 -10 minutes to drive from where we where to Greystown Ave and the incredible sulk was starting to get narky criticizing anything and everything, passing snide remarks.

So we arrive and of course he doesn't know what number he is going to and cant get through to anyone on the phone to fined out.

Not that the gobshite was trying to bloody hard.

Another taxi turned up and he spotted his mates getting out of it.

"Right mate cheers" he said as he got out!

"Oi hold on you forgetting something"?

"Like what"

"Like paying for one"

"I already paid you so i did" he mumbled and waddled off.

Because of the way I was parked by the time I managed to get out of the car he disappeared into his mates house.

I knew it was one of three houses but i could hardly rap the doors of all three waking up two houses who where nothing to do with it.

There was no point calling the old bill ether unless I could tell them where he was.

So the arsehole got away, he done me on the guts of £20 and all I could do was let the depot know so that we don't pick up from that address again.

I am sick to death of this kinda crap its happening more and more now.
 (more times in the last year than in the last six years put together)

Things are hard enough out there at the moment to make a crust without assholes like him not paying.

So I future I wont be letting twats like this away with it.

No in future I will be taking there photo.

If they don't pay a nice big posters will be made with there pictures on them and above the photo in big block capitals will be printed THIEF.

It shouldn't take long to post a few around which ever area I have picked them up or dropped them at.

If they want to steal from me then they can put up with their friends and neighbours knowing what they have done.

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