Sunday, February 20, 2011

Backseat Bickering

Is there anything worse than being around a couple arguing?

Well obviously there is! Cancer,war, maybe paper cuts?

I picked up a couple in the Cathedral quarter who where heading out to a hotel in the outskirts of the city.

He was obnoxious ignorant little git, she didn't look to happy either, she threw herself down on the seat and slammed the door as she got in .

They exchanged snide  remarks at just above a wisper getting louder as they got more and more animated.

She was furious that he had made her leave whatever nightclub they where at early.
He complained that he didn't want to have to fight for a cab once everyone else left the club.
He wouldn't of had to as i have seen zombie moves with more life in them than town last night!

Then he made his big mistake by appealing to reason, after all the clubs closed in five minutes!

The next few sentences that came from his lady friends potty mouth where unrepeatable,
they even contained some four letter words i haven't heard before!

Then he committed the worst sin of all.

He tried to bring me into it! "Big fella would you behave like a grumpy spoilt brat because you left a club a few minutes early"?

Hell no I wasn't falling for that one not again, the friggin cheek of trying to drop me in it.

"No mate i would be annoyed because the club you where at doesn't shut until 3am" I replied

I was shot a dirty look but he sat in silence the rest of the way while his partner mumbled words like tosser and twat in his general direction.

Truned out he was a twat making her pay for the cab as he had bought her a drink.

Classy bloke huh!

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