Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haircut Major Fail...

For about the last 10 - 12 years i have kept my head shaved, I have done this for a number of reasons.

Its much easier to look after for a start and I am naturally going to end up bald anyhow.
 (damn genetics)

Well for the first time in over a decade I let my hair regrow, I also grew a full beard which if i am quite honest I am kinda attached to even if it is a different colour to the rest of my hair.

I suppose i kinda looked like a very fat version of Shaggy from Scooby doo only with a better beard.

Not pretty but you get the idea.

Well last night I decided that i had to cut my hair again, as much as i liked having hair agian it looked awful.

You see my hair wont do the decent thing and just recede towards the back of my head.

 Oh no my hair has receded but left me with two small island of hair at the front of my head so that if i don't brush if forward it looks like I have bloody horns! 

So I get out the shears for my dear beloved to shave my head.
(something she has been looking forward too, she hates when I let my hair grow).

No sooner than she had started cutting my hair than i heard a funny clunking sound from the shears followed by them trying to pull my hair out by the bloody roots.

Needless to say the shears had given up the ghost leaving me like this.

Not frigging funny

But thats not the worst of it i had to leave the house like this!!

The only person i could find who had a set of shears was my dad and he couldn't come to me so i have to drive to his with my noggin as above, in my panic i couldn't find my woolly hat.

I have never been so scared of being stopped by the police.

Thankfully i got there without being recognized and finished my return to being a slap head.

But i keep the beard just to annoy Mrs.belfasttaxi,

 I now look like a white version of Taaj from come fly with me!

Except better looking of course!


  1. I know your pain pal! I shave the noggin with a shears maybe every second or third day usually. But if I don't have work I will let it grow for a week or so. I was getting ready for a wedding gig and had one side of the heid done when the shears died! Ended up doing a proper shave with shaving foam and a razor that had seen better days! What a great look, tiny bits of tissue paper stuck all over my shiny pate!

  2. Since going bald I cut my hair more than ever. About once every 6 or 7 days I pass through the Haitian barber shop where he gives me a bit of a "fade" with the hair I have on the sides of my head.

    The alternative would be to walk around looking like Bozo the Clown!

  3. Mapstew - been that soldier! who would have thought such tiny nicks could bleed so much!

    JD - I would keep going to the barbers mate Bozos look is even worse than shaggys!


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