Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dirty F##king Bastard.......

I am not quite sure how to start this post to the blog.

I find it hard to think straight when I'm angry, like most people I suppose.

For the first time since Christmas we had been even kinda busy and i was in good form for a change.

All my jobs so far had been the usual folks heading out to the cinema or the pub.

For some reason most of my work was coming from the east of the city so when i didn't get a fare in the centre of town i decided to head back over east.

I was just passing Central station when my datahead beep to let me know that i had been given a job, it was picking up at one of the Lagan front apartment buildings only a few hundred yards down the road.

I was chuffed after all the closer the work the less i spend on fuel getting there!

When i arrived i didn't need to use call back as my punter was waiting outside.

He was a foreign fella although i am not quite sure where he was from, it i had to guess i would say Spain or Portugal but i could well be wrong as i am hopeless at that kind of thing.

He was well dressed and while he was chatty he spoke quite softly.

He was going to the Kermlin which is a relatively frequent run.
They are probably the no1 gay club in Belfast although many folks i have taken or picked up there in the past have complained that is getting to straight!

Most of the journey he spent asking about which pubs and clubs where open late and other things tourists tend to ask.

Then the questions turned a little more personal.

Where was i from?  Like all taxi drivers in Belfast i was as vague as possible when answering this one.

Was i married? Yes for the last 11 years.

So your not gay?  No sorry afraid not.

Now its the last two questions he didn't seem to pay any attention too, more so it seems the last one about me not being gay!!

No sooner than he finished asking me questions than he started putting his hand on my thigh.

He was told politely to remove it.

He tried to laugh it off as a joke, one didn't find that funny!

After about another minute or so the asshole had put his hand back on my leg, rather than asking him to move it this time i grabbed this wrist.

Which was just as well because his hand was pushing as hard as it could to try to grab my crotch!

Finally i just exploded, Slammed on the brakes and Mr touchy feely bastard was told to get the hell out of the car.

I have never been so happy to get rid of a punter out of my car.

Although the more i though of what he tried to do the angrier I became, I did conceder phoning the cops but that would have meant keeping the perv there until they turned up.

I feel sorry for which ever poor fella he fixed on in the Kremlin assuming he made it there!

Ps: I have nothing against any of the gay community here in Belfast, they provide me with a lot of work and normally never cause any trouble.


  1. Oh Cabby,

    You poor dear. I was once in a pub with my sister, I was about 30 then, a small tubby male student came up to me and asked me for sex, saying that since I had a wedding ring on, I was "used to it". I left the bar at once (Lavery's) in disgust. I blame porn - all these pervs are already hot under the collar when they rock up to the venue. I would love it if somebody opened a club for polite people who are not pervs - just out for a quiet drink.

    I hope you feel okay soon - you have been sexually assaulted. My husband was badly beaten up in Omagh years ago - I think the men fancied him to be honest with you - God preserve us from pervs.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your concern but I am fine (big enough and ugly enough as they say). To be honest the hole incident left me angry more than anything else! But what can you do no matter how good a place or a group of people you always get the odd twat, no point letting them ruin things and upset you.


  3. He probably just wanted a free ride and knew how to get thrown out of the cab.

    Wouldn't suprise me.

  4. Well JD folk have tried stranger things to get a free ride!!

    But I get the feeling that not what he was at, I am at this long enough to spot someone trying to scam me.

    Well most of the time, besides he tried to offer me cash to complete the journey!


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