Sunday, February 06, 2011

Damp Feet.....

Thick headed, Unresponsive, Half a bloody sleep.

All of the above would have been pretty good description of how i spent most if not all of yesterday.

To a certain degree its how i spent most Saturdays.
(not by choice obviously) 

It seems that i never get enough sleep after finishing Fridays night shift.

I for one would love to know why this is because i don't work much later than any other night, with money being as tight as it is for folks at the moment early nights have went the way of the Dodo.

Maybe I'm still a little kid inside and subconsciously excited at the weekend arriving!
Who knows?

The trouble comes though when i don't get enough sleep after Saturdays night shift.

I got to bed just before 6am this morning as i type this its 9:30am and i have been awake about an hour and fifteen minutes.

I will let you do the maths because my head is so far up my backside at the minute if you asked me what 1+1 = i would probably answer “yes butter and marmalade please!”.

The reason for so little sleep this morning though was a little different.

Its not often that i wake up with damp feet and the feel of something ticklish running over the soles of my feet!

It took a few seconds for the grogginess and confusion to clear and register what was going on.

Ruby was at my toe’s nibbling and licking my feet!

Good lord i though i would spew when she put her tongue between my toes.

So she was toldr off and sent back downstairs while i went to wash and dry my feet.

Needless to say i now have nice shiney clean feet but am also friggin wide awake!!

There's no chance  of me getting back over now still at least there's a few decent football matches on later.

Ps: In case you where wondering who Ruby is this is her.


  1. if your having probs sleeping why dont you work days?
    is the money not as good on days or something?

  2. Oh I dream about working dayshift again!

    Unfortunately at the moment personal circumstances mean its just not an option.

    That said if everything goes to plan I will be back on days by summer. Yay


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