Monday, February 28, 2011

What an awful weekend....

This cat knows how i feel

Readers i don't know where to begin, it has been an truly awful weekend.

1. I have been under the weather all week.(think i may be a little depressed)

2. I fell down the stairs

3. It was really quiet  with little work about, I had hoped with folks getting payed at the end of the month it would have been busy.

4.Slipped on mutts chew toy, stubbed toe while landing ass cheek first on her bone

4. Worst of all Arsenal lost the cup final.

5.Had to put up with texts,emails,tweets and facebook messages telling me Arsenal lost the stupid friggin cup

6.Fell asleep and missed Top Gear.

7. Cant quite explain how but fell up the stairs (hurt wrist on top landing)

All in all bloody glad its over.


  1. Some days it pays to stay in bed.

  2. I prescribe a 'session' with good pals!

    Dr. Map. :¬)

  3. Thinking the same thing Map, just need to see who I round up on a Monday night.


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