Saturday, September 11, 2010


I find it hard to believe that its nine years since the attacks on the world trade centre.

I know its a cliches to say you remember exactly where you where when it happen but its sadly true, not only do i remember where i was.

i remember everything about that day we witnessed what happened in a friends house we had just called in on our way home from picking up some shopping.

The first plane had already hit when we arrived and to be honest for the first few minutes after we arrived i wasnt quite sure that what was happening was real.

In Northern Ireland folks of my generation where fairly hardened to bombs and such like but my stomach dropped to the floor when the second plane hit.

We watched in horror as some of the poor people trapped in the upper floors jumped to the deaths.

There is on way to describe when the towers collapsed and i would make such a poor job i wont even attempt too.

The estimated death tolls given at the time where in the tens of thousands.

It was a blessing that as massive as the final toll of the poor souls who perished that day was at  2,977 it was not as bad as it could have been.

All we can do now nine year later is to remember those who lost there lived that day and pray for there familys who have been left behind.


  1. That's right. There's nothing else to say is there? However, we could also pray that the jackass Florida pastor is made to see sense and publicly denounce his misguided (and ill thought through) plans.

  2. I saw your comment on King of New York Hacks. Had to come over and get the take of someone who lives across the world from us. Thank you for your kind words and consideration. I grew up during the horrible times in Ireland, I remember all your country went through and know the horror you felt. Thank you again for remembering us in our pain.
    There truly is no cure for idiocy. I have come to the conclusion that there will be no peace anywhere until the Lord returns. I am so ready.


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