Thursday, September 09, 2010

Belfast Chillifest inc Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie to headline - onstage 2.30pm, Sunday
Prizes for best hotter-than-hell fancy dress – hillbilly, hobo, pin-up etc.

ChilliFest highlights include:
Hot chilli pepper eating competitions
Reverend Deadeye's No Man Gospel Band
Strictly Come Barn Dancing ChilliFest Beard grooming
Helium karaoke ChilliFest Cupcake Corner ChilliFest Chilli Market
Black Market ChilliFest Cajun Café ChilliFest Record fair
Vintage Rocks hairstyling ChilliFest Vintage clothing
Tattoo & body painting by Alternative Ink
No Alibis book tent with gigs n’ readings
Seaside photoboard ChilliFest Rock n’ Roll cookery demos
plus courtyard seating, outdoor bar & hot food stalls

Your hostess for this fiery fest is the flamme fatale, Miss LuciFire !

Live Music:
• Hayseed Dixie (Sunday afternoon only) – personal friends of the festival, the Hillbilly hellraisers who hail from from Deer Lick Holler, Tennessee, headline this year’s ChilliFest. Will Barley Scotch enter the hot chilli pepper eating competition - has he the cajones?
We’ll see...
• Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three – “Lawd knows we need people like Pokey LaFarge. Coming on like a bastard son of Woody Guthrie and Blind Blake, this is the kind of stuff Ry Cooder’s been trying to do for decades: "no-holds-barred, honest-to-goodness sheet-kicking music of the highest order" Uncut
• Water Tower Bucket Boys – Portland, Oregon four piece old time/bluegrass fusion – with balls. These guys rawk!
• Morgan O’Kane & Ferd 4 – these intensely talented banjo and fiddle Scum-billy critters from Charlottesville/Brooklyn are no strangers to the festival. These dudes are the real deal – and Morgan has an excellent brand new CD.

I may not make it along to chillifest because i will be recovering from working Saturday night but i live in hope!



  1. Heff has heard the Hayseed Dixie !

  2. I dint make it down on Sunday was lying on sofa doing my impression of a man with a broken neck!!

    I woke up too late!!
    not happy


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