Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I wouldnt call it football

Well not much to report at the minute i was planing to work last night but was side tracked!

My dad offered to take me to the pub to watch the football.
I don't drink but hey if there's footy on what can i say!.

I was sure there was no match on, but no i was wrong he was absolutely sure there was a match on sky!

It turned out i was right
 Glentoran where playing Linfield!!

Irish league football, Sake its like watching kids play football in the park only not as skillful.

It was an awful game and to be honest i don't think more than 4 maybe 5 people in the entire pub even bothered to watch.

Next time i get to choose the match.

With any luck it will involve Arsenal.

Up the Gooners



  1. Every league has its bad games, no surprise this was a draw... I even put a bet on it :D

    On TV there is a difference in skill this is true, that is why the average Arsenal player will be paid more in 2 weeks than the entire budget of an Irish League club including all staff including their social clubs.

    Personally I'd prefer to be at a live game then watching a match on TV and unless people do support their local club both our local game and the national side here will suffer.

  2. There is no doubt that local football is suffering i can remember going to Irish league matches when there was decent turn outs.

    I would love to support my local club, in the last year i have take my wee lad to a few different matches sadly they where dull affairs perhaps in part due to the small turn out of supporters but i honestly think the standard of football played has went down hill in the last decade.

    The same could be said for Scottish football as well

    It costs me £17 for me and my boy to go to a game and as sad as i am to say it most Irish league matched just arnt worth it!

  3. I see a different side to it really but maybe its just the club I follow? With the Crues my adult season ticket was £130 this year (about 7 quid a game) it's probably cheaper than a trip to watch 1 English premiership game if you count in the travel costs too and we've not had a goaless draw all season so far including pre-season.

  4. The Crues huh, I had there Physio in my cab at the end of last season lovely bloke. He was very passionate about his club!!

  5. It was nice to see a local game again on Sky. I hope it gets enough viewers so they will continue to broadcast it, as all money being put in is welcoming to develop the N Irish league.
    It's a shame Jeffrey is failing tactics on and on again, as up front it was a sad set up. The game itself was lively, passionate and worth viewing


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