Monday, September 20, 2010

I know your boss you know!!!!

I suppose you get them in every walk of life, self centred twats who like to show off and try and intimidate you!

I picked this particular twat up a few years back but the memory of him sticks in my head because he was drunk and the first words out of his pie hole where.

I know your boss you know!!

My first thought was "so what so does half of Belfast" although i didn't say that out loud.

On the datahead it said he was going to Hannastown just outside west Belfast so of we headed.

Twat boy continued telling that he knew my boss and how close they where to which i faked interest.
( even twats can tip sometimes)

We where just passing Belfast cemetery on the Falls rd when he started to get his nasty head on.

I think he was annoyed at my lack of response to the "i know your boss" line,

"Oi fatty  slow down a bit" 

Good lord i am only doing 30mph! i thought.

But looking back i missed the important bit of that statement.
Yup for what ever reason the Oi fatty bit didn't register at the time.

As we headed on out towards Hannastown the insults got worse and like a fool i sat there and took em.

"You stupid fat ugly good for nothing smelly cunt i should fuckin bitch slap you." said Twat boy for no reason what so ever.

I finally broke nobody talks to me like that,
I'm no hard man by any kind of imagination but I'm fucked if he was getting away with that.

I slammed on the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road.

Who the fuck do you think your talkin to fella? I snarled while trying to look tough

You could actually see the bravado leave him.

He decided his best defence was the "I know your boss" line i let go earlier.

God love him he close to panic when i said "So what"

The he went for broke and i must admit if he hadn't i probably finished the journey and took him the rest of the way despite having arguing with him.

"I will get you bloody sacked fat boy"

"How you gonna do that then, I am self employed dickhead, sure I rent a radio from the depot but they don't employ me!"

At this point I made it clear if he didn't get out of the cab I would be all too happy to help him out.

Over the next few days I expected to hear for the lord high mighty who owned the depot, I didn't.

A few weeks after the incident I happen to bump into the boss and decided to ask if he knew the twat.

How come I wasn't surprised when his answer was " Who?"


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