Friday, September 10, 2010

Sad taxi drivers joke off the week - No1

My apologies in advance for this one!!

There's an old Cantina in rural mexico
the doors swing open and in walks a stranger

There is only one other customer in the cantina sitting at the back alone at a table covered in empty glasses.

The stranger asks him "Hey do you know Pedro?"

The table crashed to the ground sending the glasses flying as the customer stands up suddenly.

Do i know Pedro!


I will tell you about Pedro,the other day i was riding my ass when Pedro jumped out in front of me and put a pistol in my face.

"Get off you ass" he said.

So i did because he had the pistol.

He said "see the dung from you ass, you pick up a  the dung"

So i did because he had the pistol

"Now you eat the dung"  he commanded

and i did because he had the pistol.

Pedro he finds this so funny that he fall laughing on the ground dropping his pistol!!
So quick a flash i grabbed his pistol.

Pedro he stopped laughing now.

I point the pistol at Pedro and say

"you see the dung"

He nods because i have the pistol.

"You pick up the dung" i say

and he does because i have the pistol.

I tell him to "eat the dung"

he does because i have the pistol.

And you stand there and ask me if i know Pedro

We have lunch together!!!!

Sorry guys

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