Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday night.....

Last night was probably the first decently busy night we have had in a while.

I was kept busy right through until about 7.30am and by the time i got home and managed to pry myself from behind the wheel i was stiff as a board.

I also had a lot of folks from over sea's in the cab last night.

I had the usual Australians, New Zealanders ,Polish and Latvians.

 But i also had Americans, Canadians (who where annoyed that people thought they where Americans), a couple of Swiss and my first Chilean!

The Chilean guy was touring Ireland and was in Belfast for the weekend, he had just finished six weeks in Norway!

I picked him up at a fairly swank hotel so i doubt he was doing it on the cheap!

He was also the first person to ask if i accepted credit cards!

I know that in london and other major capitals some cab do take credit cards and wonder if setting up a credit card system would be worth while.
there are companies that would allow me to take credit card payments via my mobile using an app.

Would anyone use this even if it meant a 10% surcharge on the fair?


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