Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best fight ever.....

Sometimes went i pick up visitors to Belfast they ask me questions.

They ask things like where are the best night clubs, which restaurants are worth a visit they even ask recommendations for things to do the next day.

Sometimes the visitors are a bit nervous about going out in Belfast due to things they heard on the news years ago or people they know filling there heads with wee sweetie mice.

Not to long ago a couple of Scots where unlucky enough to get me as there driver, after asking all the normal touristy questions one of them asked how common fights where at kicking out time in the city centre.

Apparently it can be a bit of a problem in parts of Glasgow!

Now i have to be honest i work Belfast city centre 5 nights a week and while the crowds leaving the pubs at closing time are pretty noisy it not that common for me to see any serious argie bargie.

Now i am not saying it doesn't happen just that I for what ever reason I tend not to see it and to be fair i really don't think outside of a few weeks in July people trying to beat the crap out of each other in the streets is much of a problem.

 Even then it tends to be outside the city centre.

Anyhoo the best fight i ever seen in the centre of town.

You will need to use you imagination for this one I tried to film it at the time on  my phone but the quality was crap and you couldn't see any thing.

Imagine if you will two ladies ( i use the word ladies v v loosely here) about 20st - 25st (imagine sumo) brawling outside a bar lets call it slitherpoons!

Both these women where wearing boob tubes (always classy) which wouldn't stay up so both of them where having to use one of there hands to hold it up.

In there other hand each carried a chip well it might have been a burger it was hard to focus while laughing so hard.

On top of this they where of course wearing high heels.

The net result was they looked like two drunken ducks trying to knock the other one over by hitting her with their elbows.

Though to be honest it was more a case  who would fall over first,  It was that comical even the cops stood and watched.

So do i think Belfast dangerous at night?

Na not really!



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