Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why the hell did you call it that....................

Oh well time for another whinge again, i'm sure you half sick of listening to me gurning by now.

Lots of  little thing are starting to annoy me much ,more than they really should such as the air freshener in the cab not hanging the right way to the names given to some recently open pubs and clubs.

But come on what kind of name is Filthy McNastys?

With it being on the old Dempseys site in the Dublin rd i can only think its a description of the punters who used to frequent Dempseys who where a bit of a scary lot!!

But it has to be said Filthy McNastys is a better name than the latest club i heard off.

Is it just me or does this conjure up pictures of topless hairy men rubbing up against each other?
God i hope its not just me.
I feel slightly ill now!

I am sure both these places are great venues and should you darken there doors you will have a great time but  come on whats was wrong with proper names? 

The other thing that is annoying me for no bloody reason is Subway you know the sandwich bar well not them its more the folks who stagger out of a pub at 1am and go for a sarnie. 

I have never ever waddled out of a pub in my life never mind in the wee small hours and thought to myself.

Good lord i could murder a sandwich!

I mean in Belfast we now have a subway on the Dublin rd open 24 hours a day.
whats wrong with everyone?

Oh crap maybe its not everyone else maybe it just me........



  1. Filthy McNasty's is a reference to a 1961 tune by jazz pianist Horace Silver, and as they're trying to market it as a music bar in Belfast, it's definitely a unique name.

    The irony being that they recently got fined for not having an entertainments licence...

  2. Cheers Zcott we live and learn of course now i know that filthy Mcnastys a tune i am going to have to look it up!


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