Friday, September 17, 2010

There back......................

Students eh

 There back!

The students are back and god do i remember how much i hate freshers.

They must have sneaked back when I wasn't looking because all of a sudden every damn job i  got was going to Rain.

I suppose i had better be more specific I don't hate all students in fact i quite like them as a whole.
but there is a section of them where I really could make a case for ethnic cleansing.

Ok now I have greased me hair into a side shade and popped on my false moustache.

The students that annoy me share several traits which i shall list.

1. First of they are always freshers just away from mummy and daddy for the first time and cant control themselves like proper adults!

2. They are always culchies and by culchies i don't mean anyone who lives outside Belfast, I mean these kids are from the ass hole of know where. 

Places you couldn't find on a map because it consists of a crossroads, a few houses (normally where his cousins live) and a shop run by their aunt.
Jimmy Cricket called it Ballygobackwards.

3. They move in packs

4. They drink way way too much thinking it make em cool.

5. Most off them speak a strange language which sounds like  a strange mixture of 1950 -1960 slang and mispronounced words.
eg. Car becomes a "key yar" and they call a burger a "bugger".

7. I just don't like em so there.
Oh well i sure i will cope if i can just resist the urge to run them over. 

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