Thursday, September 23, 2010

93 Sleeps to go...

There are just 93 sleeps to go.

Or for those of us who work nights that 93 work days left to earn some mulla.

Thats right 93 days or 13 weeks to


No im not trying to depress you even if i am managing too.

For me the long run up to the dreaded day starts now, it has to because most of my family have there birthday's between now and Christmas and the ungrateful gits probably want presents for both!!

So i gotta get my head down and work as much as possible (joy).
As a result for the next few months i wont be posting quit so often although i will
manage a few times a week.

Maybe she who must be obeyed will post a bit more in my absence!

Anyhoo better go i gotta clean the cab before work tonight!


Talk to the cabby??

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