Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you busy tonight?

Are you busy tonight?

Does anyone really think i am going to answer this question honestly?

  I don't like lies but sometimes you have to tell a wee porky or two.

You see when people ask "are you busy tonight?" what i hear is "are you worth robbing tonight".

Yes i know its bloody paranoid but sometimes it pays to be paranoid!

You being working long tonight?

The answer to this one is a little like the first question,  i am going to be conservative with the truth not because i am trying to hide how many hours i work (too many).

But if someone knows i am at the end of a 12 -13 hour shift not just a few hours into a shift its only common sense i  will be carrying more money.

People knowing that i have largish sums of cash on me makes me nervous.

Do you ever get punters offering sex instead of money? come on your bound too.

I laugh my ass off at this one.

In my 7-8 years of driving a cab i have never been offered sex instead of payment (maybe its because im kinda chubby).

That said i am kind of pleased i haven't, could you imagine the poor girls face when you tell her that as nice as her offer was you would rather take the cash prize instead?

Yes driving a cab from time to time you get asked if you want to come in as there having a party or something similar but your there to work, to make cash not spend it!

Sure You taxi drivers love the rain!

There is this stupid idea that Taxi drivers like it when it rains, we don't driving about in the pouring rain all night is bloody miserable.  

I know a lot of people think we are busier when it rains, true sometimes we are but just as often it kills all trade dead.

If its lashing out of the heavens most folk just stay in.

The only time rain benefits the driver is the odd Saturday night just after kicking out time when due to the rain people really want to get home instead of hanging about the chippy or pizza shops.

Sure you fellas are loaded!

I am not sure i should dignify that one with an answer!

If i was half as well off as some folks seem to think i am i wouldn't work 12 hour shifts 5-6 days a week.

I work the hours i do because i have to, if i could make the same money working half the time i would.

Wouldn't you?



  1. hi there. Just discovered your blog via the London Cabbie blog. Nice one u have here!

    It's btw not being paranoid, u simply have to protect yourself. I myself always ask if a driver had a good day, mostly to get a conversation started, but your job u simply have to be careful

  2. Hi there,

    My husband always askd if a cabby is busy but it's just to get a chat started. Of course you must be nervous about being robbed. I'm nervous about being targeted for my "lump sums" as a writer - I hate it when LUMP SUM is announced in the media because we writers don't get lump sums - anything we do get comes in installments and is subject to various agency fees and expenses, taxes etc. And sometimes it's 18 months after a book comes out before we get paid. I don't know any rich writers and I'm sure you don't know any rich cabbys!!! Robbers - please go and rob Simon Cowell's wheelie bin: he probably uses £100 notes to dry himself after a shower.

  3. I know most if not all of the time folks ask me questions its to start conversation which is very welcome, it can get lonly sittin in a car by yourself. But still better safe than sorry


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