Monday, September 13, 2010

Beware the Dragons............................

I wonder is it just me?

Is there something special about me that attracts them?

Nutters, loonies and crazy folks!!

Belfast like any major city has its fair share of crazy folks they are normally fairly easy to spot. 

A few years back there was The Punk - an old fella who danders about holding an imaginary boom box on his shoulder head banging away to the music.

High chief chunka beef - went round dressed as an American Indian complete with cardboard head dress.

The shiek - was a decent fella except that he pranced round town in full all black Arab dress.
last and not least there was

End of the world lady -  a poor old dear who for what ever reason felt the need to staple newspaper clippings about how the world was about to explode to her clothes.

Now i ain't trying to make fun of these poor critters they where all very ill i am sure, but what i am trying to say is you could spot them a mile away.

Now the nutters are shall we say more subtle!

Take the fella i picked up last week for example.

It was early on in my shift about 8pm and i was parked up at the side of the Ormeau road when a well dressed bloke rapped the window asking if i could take him to the Cathedral quarter.

I wasn't doing anything, he didn't look like an axe murderer so i told him to jump in.

Most of the way down we chatted about the usual stuff like football, music, life in general you know the kinda gumpf.

It was when we started talking about work i got a bit worried.

Like most punters who get in the cab this dude asked have you being on long?, is it busy tonight? and like most cabby's i lied so he would think i wasn't worth robbing!

Then i made the mistake of asking was he working in the morning?

"Na mate i heading into work now ain't i."he replied

"Where do you work" i asked hoping to get a street to head for

His reply will go with me to my grave because I don't doubt for a minute that he was serious you could tell.

I work down Corporation sq just behind the Seacat, I'm a Dragon slayer!!

Magic i had a nut on board, I know should have left it at that but I couldn't resist asking if Belfast had much of a problem with dragons?

Apparently we do especially at this time of the year!!

I didn't ask any more but made my excuses for dropping him at the top of Tomb street saying I couldn't risk taking the cab round to corporation sq it what he said was true.

I expected him to do me on the fare but when we arrived he payed up wished me luck and off he went!



  1. Haha he was winding you hes a member of the queens dragonslayers roleplaying anime group , theres 250 of them and an offical webpage

  2. God i hope so! but mmmmm i normally can spot a wind-up a mile away. Plus he almost foaming at the mouth talking about them

  3. You think pigeon crap make a mess of your car imagine dragon!!


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