Thursday, September 09, 2010

That will teach me..............Exploding leg syndrome

Well that's the last time i will joke about needing a doctor.

I had to finish work early last night when my dumb leg swelled up so much it EXPLODED
Oh ok it didnt but the swelling split the scar tissue on my shin.

This was probably my fault for not moisturizing it enough.

It wasn't that bad, it just leaked quite a bit of slightly yellow fluid although and there was a some blood.

So i ended up quitting for the night to go home and clean it up and dress the cut properly!

With any luck i will get the swelling down enough to work tonight because sitting about the house is sending me round the bend.

I keep getting the urge to watch Jeremy kyle!!

Never a good sign.

Still i get to play with googles new instant search engine which is cool but kinda creepy.

And last but not least my quote of the week.

In Northern Ireland, where “sex” is the hour before seven.

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