Friday, October 01, 2010

Belfasts new Traffic master plan..

Oh dear the powers that be have decided to waste some more money to fix a problem that doesn't exist.

£5 million in fact is it just me or does that seem a lot for a bit of road paint and a couple of signs?

Apparently the traffic in Belfast city centre around the city hall is so bad that the powers that be wish to divert as many cars as possible and reducing the number of lanes.

With the exception of Great Victoria St at rush hour i have never thought traffic in this area was much of a problem.

Does anyone ever remember a traffic jam at the city hall?

Ok not counting the crowd of Public hire cabs outside Thompsons Garage at 3 am when its closing time.
 The real traffic problems are on the main roads into the centre at rush hour like the Ormeau, Ravenhill, Lisburn and Crumlin roads.

Also they are building new bus lanes which can be used by Buses (obviously) ,cyclists and Public hire taxis.

The public hire taxis is the one i don't understand and here is why, Public hire cabs normally work form the city centre taking passengers out from the city centre.

After dropping there passengers off they then make there way back to the city centre empty getting to use bus lanes to do so.

Surely it would be better to open the bus lanes to all taxi's including Private hire cabs which are used by most people who use by the majority in the city?

That way cabs would be faster alternative for folks using their own cars, and with cabs able to make similar journeys several times at rush hour it could reduce overall traffic on the roads.

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