Friday, October 15, 2010


Good lord they stank.

When i say they stank i mean they really really stank.

I have a very very poor sense of smell and I was gagging i even had to put the window down.
Never in all my years came across anyone who smelt so badly of smoke as these two women.

Part of me thinks they may have just rubbed themselves down with used fag butts instead of taking a shower
Not even some of the tramps sleeping rough, unable to wash and smoking dog ends where a patch on them.

These women where no older than say 25 and looked clean and well dressed, the best of it was they where heading off clubbing into town!!

What do you do?

Do you tell them?

How do you tell em its not like you know them?

You cant turn round and say 
Oi love you smell like a dead badgers arsehole sort it out will ya!

They get upset if you do that and upset punters don't tip.

So what did I do?

I asked "where ya fore".

Then drove there as fast as could while trying to breathe the air coming in through the gap in the door window with out them noticing.
Maybe i should have said something but I had to drive with windows down for about half an hour and buy a new air freshener before i got rid of the smell.
So i was a bit low on sympathy.


  1. YIKES! but did they tip you, suar? xoxox

  2. Double fare on that one if there is a next time or else put up the busy sign!

  3. Work in a tall building (48th floor) and dread when the smokers, having choked down a 'grit or two in the entryway, then pile into the elevator with me.

    Poor things. They don't smell it themselves.



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