Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tea and Toast...

After a 12hour night shift there is none better.

Tea and Toast the breakfast of kings

That is all.

PS - It turns out that Tee and Toast is a pretty funky N.I t-shirt shop its amazing what you find when you miss spell a search!!


  1. Yorkshire tea!!
    Em no it has to be Punjana or Nambarrie.

    They are similar to Yorkshire tea but a little stronger again to the best of my knowledge all three are Assam based teas.
    None of that Earl Gray muck!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. 400 Nambarrie tea bags should now be winging their way over The Irish Sea. Expect a tea related blog in the not too distant. BTW - Do you get over to Lurgan much?

  3. I was down Lurgan way about 2-3 weeks ago although it was the first time for a while.

  4. i order barry's tea here. a big fan of your blog in the usa!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you very much Mermayd. (blushes)


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