Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I seen this in a cartoon once.......

All taxi drivers sometimes scare there passengers from time to time.

For the most part they don't mean to, but when you drive for 10 hours anyone can and will make the odd mistake.

Like braking a little to late or accelerating to hard or have to avoid someones stupid cat trying to commit suicide!

The last time i scared a punter was a complete accident by accident i mean not my fault.

I had picked up two girls in east Belfast heading down into town for a typical Friday night out.

The journey was pleasant enough they where quite friendly,asking advise on where was busy tonight and all the usual stuff.

We pulled up outside Laverys pub which had a massive queue.

They paid there money

Then the girl on the passenger side of the cab let out a scream which made me jump and near shattered my windows.

This was followed by a look of terror directed at me

What the hell had i done?

I mean come on we where sitting still?

It turned out the dozey bint seem to think that pulling the handle on a car door should make it magically fly wide open.

She look ever so embarrassed when her friend reached around her and pushed the door!

But not as embarrassed as she was having to get out in front of the folks in that queue.

The car i taxi in the doors can be a tiny bit on the heavy side this is more noticeable when opening the door from the inside.

That said my 2 year old niece seems to manage.

I mean come on like i would abduct anyone in front of a crowd!

That's just dumb

I would use a dark empty side street like everyone else!

I will admit that before i retire just once i would like to aim the cab at brick wall.

Turn to my passenger and say

"Hold tight I seen this in a cartoon once, but i am pretty sure i can pull it off".

Just to see there face.


Talk to the cabby??

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