Monday, October 04, 2010

The Pukers....

Pukers its nearly impossible to drive a taxi for any length of time without coming across one of them.

Its not that uncommon at night time to pick up folks who are shall we say a little under the weather from just possibly having maybe a smidgen too much to drink.

Its some of these folks who im guessing will redecorate the inside of your taxi with what remains of their dinner, most likely because they where bored.

How do i know they where bored?

Because any civilized person who feels the need to be sick would tell me so i could pull over or at least try to open a bloody window!!

The last punter who emptied the contents of her gut over my back seat actually managed to impress me!

Up until that point i had never seen any one throw up with out any retching noises before.
It was almost as if she just turned on a tap and out it all came.

How could such a tiny tiny woman spew so much?
Her ever loving boyfriend thought it was hilarious right up until he was told they where going to have to pay for getting the rear of my cab steamed cleaned!!

It funny how quickly an extra fifty pounds on top of your fare will do that.


  1. Nice work... my favorite pukers are the ones sitting in the back seat between there two friends. As they try to make it to the door the spew in the lap of one of their buddies... I guess you could call them tidy pukers hehehhee, have gas will travel

  2. Caravan - Last and only time anyone puked over their mates in my car suddenly found they had no mates in my car.

  3. is £50 the going rate to charge pukers?
    i thought it would be more as to get the car valeted would cost around £40 at one of those car wash places then what about loss of earnings while the car is off the road.
    if it was early on in your shift surely you would lose out quite a bit of money you be making working

  4. Anon - You are right about the £50 just about covering the valet.

    At the depot i drive for £50 is the going rate, if you can get more you are free to do so but just getting the £50 can be like getting blood from a stone

    As for loss of earnings yeah your right if something like this happens early on in the night it can and will cost you a nights wage!

  5. They may run, but they are still mates....

  6. They didn't run they just stopped being his mates!!


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