Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sneeziles and the Dribbly shits

Im sick!

I hate being sick!

I really hate being sick!
I really really hate being sick!

Mrs.Belfasttaxi hate me being sick

She says she hates me being sick because i whine a lot when I'm sick.

I think that's a horrid thing to say to sick man.

I have managed to come down with my bi annual cold.

I am all stuffed up at one end and well shall we say the other end is well free flowing!

That's right my cold for reasons best be known to its self has decided that its main symptoms wont be a bad cough or sore throat or even a high temperature although i got them too.

No this cold thought i know what will get his attention is a tickly runny nose and a case of the runs.

I am frightened to sneeze.

Need I say more?


  1. Chicken soup with alot of veggies in it, as piping hot as you can stand it. That and fruit juice as well.

  2. That sounds a lot healthier than my Grandfathers cure Hot whiskey.

    He reckoned that although the hot whiskey wouldn't help you recover any quicker, you wouldn't mind being sick as much!!

  3. Get well soon, Cabby!!!

    Tuck yourself up in bed (with a mattress protector in place) and watch some daytime telly. I recommend Midsomer Murders watched with tea and toast.

    I didn't read that blog calling me a twat - I'm far too easily hurt - but thanks for letting me know.

    All the best.


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