Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't want your money.....

I don't want your money!

Now there's a phrase I don't say very often.

What annoying is when i do the folks I'm saying it to ignore me and just insist on paying anyway.

One of them insists on hiding the money in my cab while I get his bags out of the boot!

I am of course talking about friends and family.
The idiot who hides the money is my dad and probably the worst offender.
He actually tried to pay me for driving him home from the pub when it was me who took him there to watch the football in the first place!

When will they get in into there heads that when I offer them a lift I ain't touting for business.

Now don't get me wrong if one my mate rang a cab and where unlucky enough to get me, then yes i probably would charge them.
(mates rates)

But not when i offer to take them.
When i offer them a lift its because i want to give them a lift and help em out not for any other reason.

If you had mate who happened to be I don't know a plumber and he spotted a leaking tap and offered to fix it would you feel obliged to pay him?

Maybe its just me but it really does feel dirty and kinda wrong when they are throwing money at me.

PS: All other punters are welcome to throw as much money as they like.

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  1. Sure isn't that normal Taxi...It's just awkerd Belfast peoples doin their thing!!! Go on go on go on!


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