Monday, October 25, 2010

Preping Betty

My wee Betty

Its Betty's 4 birthday.

Which means its time for her PSV test again!

She hates it.

I generally hate getting her ready for the test.

This mostly due to my own paranoia.

 All of a sudden small minor insignificant things that haven't mattered all year have me freaking out!

Like the tiny scratch beside where i put the roof sign on.
It was there months before i even seen it, but now i cant take my eyes of it.

Some of this Paranoia comes from my own ignorance as to what will cause a car to fail.

But some of my paranoia is due to things i have seen cars fail for.

Mrs.belfasttaxi once had a car fail because one of the five mini light bulbs that lit the cars number plate was out!!

Did it render the number plate unreadable?


Did it render the number plate unreadable in the dark perhaps?


Was there any difference in the amount of light lighting the bloody stupid plate?

None what so ever!

Sometimes I think they invent things just so they can fail the car!

Failing a £130 test for a 20p bulb being out when it made no difference to the safety or appearance of the car.

I think my paranoia is justified!
So i am running around like a headless chicken looking for things to fix and melting Mrs.belfasttaxi's head with lots of stupid questions like.
Where did you put Betty's logbook?

As i remember i may have effed and jeffed a little after she answered 
"I'm not sure i know i put it somewhere safe!"

But two hours later and one tidal wave off paper strewn all over the living room floor we found it in a random box of assorted receipts.
The sooner this is all over for another year the better.

Now where the hells my Valium.

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