Monday, October 11, 2010


I hate working Sundays.

Worse than that i hate working Sunday nights because as well as missing a cosy night in with Mrs.belfasttaxi, some of the punters you tend to pick up on Sunday nights are well lets say "not normal".

But as my motor is up for Psv and it needs a little work done to it I was left with little choice but to suck it up and drag myself out to work.

As it turned out i had a pretty uneventful shift which was kinda nice even if I didn't get any fodder for the blog.

The worst i had to put up with was a paranoid girl shoving her hair in my face.
 (while i am driving)

She had been to a friends house for tea and was worried that her Husband/boyfriend/whatever would be able to smell the aftershave the fella who had been sitting beside her as he had smothered himself in it.

To be fair she did stink of aftershave but i told her she was fine just so i wouldn't have her noggin shoved in my face again.

It not as if she could have done anything about it at this stage!

No my real gripe about working last night was what happen when i got home.

Those of you who read my last post know i have of late had a bit of trouble sleeping.

Well last night i was falling down tired as i flunked down into bed at 6.30am and i dont even remember my poor little head hitting the pillow.

What I do remember is waking at 7.25am to what sounded like a small riot

The was dog barking, Mrsbelfasttaxi was shouting and Jr was screaming about not being able to find his homework.

I swore silently to myself and did my best not to cry!

We will see how they like it when I set the smoke alarm off some morning about 3 am.


  1. Since when does aftershave jumps over from one to an other person? lol

  2. I don't know what she was up to but she smelled like her had washed her air in the stuff!


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