Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Im not good at giving orders

The car needs vacuumed.

Don't forget the fire extinguisher needs put back in the right place in the foot well.

Then you gotta go get the car washed

Polish the dash board the gear stick as well.

I had been pickling Mrs.belfasttaxi's head for the last hour at least.

My taxi was in for its yearly PSV test today

This is something I always take care of myself

I like it that way as if anything goes wrong well i have no one to blame but my self.

Unfortunately I have buggered up my ankle jumping up to run to the phone last night.

30 odd stone of fat man it seems shouldn't jump if he doesn't want to hurt himself by busting his cankle.

So my beloved is having to make all the preparations for me with me hanging over her shoulder questioning her every move and reminding her of things i know she already knows at least 500 times ever hour.

To say I am having a hard time letting go is an understatement its not that i don't trust Mrs.belfasttaxi I do implicitly,

but she does things her way which is of course well i wouldn't say wrong as that would get me lynched, but not my way which is obviously the right way!

So we grumped and argued a little until i was put back in my place by a flying pencil case to the side of the head.

When the time came to take the cab to the test centre Jr and me where deposited at my dads house with some cakes for his birthday while my dear beloved wife did what needed to be done.

After an hours clock watching in my dads the phone rang it was Mrs.belfasttaxi for me.

Hands shaking i took the phone.

"Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

"What bad news?"

"You have got the wrong type of fire extinguisher in the car"

"Oh Sh*t"

"Its OK the cab still passed all we have to do is go buy the right type and come back to the test centre and show them it has been installed."

Talk about relieved.

Mrs.belfasttaxi even took care of the extinguisher for me.

So i would like to thank my beloved wife who I really do take for granted much much to often.


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  1. After an ordeal like that, she's likely to say "P.B.R. me, A.S.A.P.!"


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