Saturday, October 09, 2010


How much change do people think a taxi driver carries?

Some people seem to think i have unlimited amounts of change!

The first 5 jobs i had last night all handed me a £20 note for a £3 journey.

You can imagine the mood this put me in having to run in to shops to buy crap i didn't want or need to get change.

Can you guess my reaction when some scruffy young scrote asked if i would take a £50 to pay for his fare home.

Yeah not good

I managed not to swear and resisted the urge to beat him to death with my satnav instead i lied through my teeth as to why i couldn't.

I mean who the hell carries £50s.

  I have only ever seen a couple so i wasn't sure if his was fake or not.

Still I did get to hold it for a little while.

It was nice so if anyone would like to send me a few I would be grateful

Anyhoo rant over time for bed.



  1. Could've been worse - could've been a Scottish £50.

  2. May as well have been it was a northern bank £50

  3. Sounds like a chancer, like the folks who do the same on buses with 20s in the hopes they get a free ride. Did you get change out of him in the end?

  4. Yeah i did he had the correct fare in coin it was only £5.30.

    He did whine a little that no one would change it for him.

  5. Ah cool, alls well that ends well :)
    ...but where do people even get a £50 note from these days? Never known a cash point to give one out. Unless he buys something big he might be carrying that baby around for years!

  6. Can remember that while back in Europe. Paying with €50 notes for a €1.60 ticket! I knew one conducter who said he only had €40 back as change, to put them for a choice, and some said 'ok' to it. Nice profit when lucky


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