Thursday, October 07, 2010

How to speak proper Belfast like.....

I have had quite a few folks in the cab lately from all parts of the world.

While they have loved the place and thought the locals where very friendly some have had a hard time with the Belfast accent and the local dialect.

So in the spirit of international cooperation and all that i have found a list of common Belfast /Northern Ireland words and phrases!

Ah - I or me, ie Ah don´t feel well
Aminal -common mispronounciation of Animal
Amptinat? -I most definitely am.
Arseh*le -calling someone a rectum
Aye -meaning ´yes´

Balleex -´bo**ocks´ Thats balleex - Used in context when disagreeing with someone
Bake -someones face
Bate -beat, I bate her up so ah did
Beef -male sexual organ ie ´Ah slipped her the beef lawst nite´
Beezer - Very good, Thats Beezer
Beg -wafer thin plastic vessel; good for carrying shopping :also ´oul´ beg´ when referring to an elderly female
Blurt -Slang for female genetalia
Boulin´ -messing about
Bout Ye -´Hello´
Buggered -broken

Cameracorder -grannies use of the word ´camcorder´
Cheeser -like Beezer, meaning ´very good´ or ´exellent´
Chicken -child slang for ´afraid´
Chinks -popular Chinese food Take Aways
Childer -children
Cracker -not something you put cheese on, means beezer
Creamed -tired

Dander -a walk, ie I´m goin fer a dander
Dawg -canine, dog
Digikil -common mis-prounciation of ´Digital´
Drawers -underwear
Dour -a door
Duncher -Cap

Earlee-er -before the present
Eejit -derived from ´Idiot´, means ´Idiot´
Eef Aaf - F*** Off

Faaler -father
Fillum -a movie or film
Fingy -someone whose name you can´t remember
Frig -polite word for ´F***´, also used: Flip
Flour a floor

Gat -slang, You´re a wee gat or get
Geg -fun, ´Ats a geg´
Getawaydafuck -go away now
Givuz -give me
Glass -Half-Pint
Goes -replaces the word ´Said´ ie And I goes: What? Are you slabberin´?´ And then she goes, ´Yip.´
Gutties -training shoes

Hardly -meaning ´Thats not true´ ie Hardly now. Hardly.
Heel -not to be confused with the back of your foot, means end of a loaf
Houl On -please wait


Jawbax -mouth
Job -activity usually carried out under the cover of night
Joken -joking

Kudn´t -couldn´t ie Ah kudn´t do that...

Lairdindeyit -please do start eating [or drinking]see also ´wiredintillit´
Leenantarsapees -Famous Italian landmark
Lingo -language

Magic -not tricks, but another word meaning great or good
Mawn -a man, male
Meat Wagon -RUC Landrovers
Melt -no actual meaning, used as: ´I´ll knock your melt in´
Milly -name given to teenage females. See also: Steek
Mucker -a friend or mate
Muller -Mother or ´Ma´

Nice One -that was good
Norman -bullying term for someone with no friends
Now Yer Sucken Deezel -that´s a good way of going about that

Offees -alchohol retailer
Oi -a yelp for someones attention ie Oi! You! C´mere!´
Oxters -Armpits

Prably -maybe, its likely
Passion -heavy rain in Ballymena
Peeler -a police officer
Piece -sandwhich
Pssskety -common misprounciation of ´Spaghetti´
Purdie -countryside slang for Potato

Quim -slang for female genetalia

Ragin´ -angry, Ahm bloody ragin´ so ah am.
Ration -you´d be doing this if you were trying to get to somewhere in a hurry, in Ballymena
Rare -not to be confused with ´scarce´, means crap

Samitch -mispronounciation of ´Sandwhich´
Sebm -seven [7]
Shap -shop
Shar -a shower
Slabber -someone who makes bad comments about you behind your back or to your face
Spoon -someone with a low IQ
Steek -male with bad dress and hair sense

Ta -Thank You
Till -replaces the word ´to´ ie Goin till the shap´
Theee -the number three
Tube -see: Spoon

Undurstawnd -understand ie Do ye undurstawnd me?

Vaka -Vodka

Weaker -yet another word for ´brilliant´
Welt -male genitals
Wee -put in front of words such as ´drink´, ´dander´, and basically anything
Wick -not exactly brilliant
Wiredintillit -´Got wiredintillit earlee-er´
Windie -a window
Windielickurs -horrid term for the mentally disadvantaged
Windie Still -a window sill
Wooden One -not a clever person

X-Acktlee -exactly

Yermaa -an insult said when nothing else can be thought of
Yeegittin? -Are you being served?
Yip -yes


Zabra/Zedbra -Zebra


  1. Shaking head in amazement/amusement...

    That's a helluva dictionary ya got goin'!



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