Sunday, October 10, 2010


Is it still Insomnia if you cant sleep during the day?

The past few weeks i have been having a awful time tring to get some sleep.

I will get in from work, put on some mind numbing TV just for the noise, count my takings for the night and maybe make some Tea and Toast.

I will by this stage be fighting to stay wake long enough to drag my flabby backside up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Then it happens just as my head touches the pillow.


Wide a bloody frigging wake.

Im still tired just no longer sleepy so i spend countless hours staring at my bedroom walls.

Of course when i do decide to go downstairs later on to spend time with she who must be obeyed and Jr.

The second my ass hit the seat than i start doing my impression of a man with a broken neck and my beloved family are treated to a few hours of me snoring.

Really am at a lost as to what i should do, I don't want to take any kind of sleeping pill but if i don't get enough rest i cant work!!

I wonder if counting sheep really works?

1.. 2.. 3... 4.... 5.... 6... 7.. 8...9... 10.. 11...... 12....13..... 14.....15....

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