Saturday, October 02, 2010

Double puncture!!

What a crap night.

I am not long back into the house after being rescued by the brother in law.

i was out working and managed to get myself a double puncture marooning myself in east Belfast.

So i am faced with a mad rush tomorrow to get both tyres sorted while entertaining  Jr.

All i gotta do is figure out how i am going to get the tyres to the garage without a car?

 Oh well it would be no fun if it was easy would it?


  1. Oh that's my worst nightmare, breaking down away from home. A few weeks ago the fan belt came off our car - a weird sparkly noise - but we didn't know what was happening and drove on until the car died at the front door.

  2. My only saving grace is my puncture happened on the Ravenhill rd where a member of family could come rescue me. Would have been a whole different bucket of worms if it had happened in Ballynahinch!!


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